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Minecraft enters virtual reality on Samsung’s Gear VR headset

It’s time to move beyond the smartphone screen and into the world of Minecraft. 

Microsoft has launched Minecraft: Gear VR Edition on the Oculus Store for $7. This is the VR version of the phenomenally popular block-building game that debuted in 2009 on PC and has since gone on to dominate the world with fans buying millions of copies across desktop, mobile, and consoles. It is now fully functional with the Gear VR, which is Samsung’s headset that uses the newer Galaxy phones as its display. Analysts at SuperData Research predict VR will grow into a $40 billion business by 2020, and Minecraft is the kind of brand that could fuel that kind of growth. 

GamesBeat has gone hands-on with Minecraft: Gear VR Edition, and it truly is impressive. While the gameplay and mechanics are all familiar, I found myself feel claustrophobic by the underground caves and in awe of the scale of the world in a way that I never experienced on PC. It’s a fresh way to explore these worlds. 

Microsoft and Mojang, which created the franchise, developed Gear VR Edition with input from from famed Doom and Quake coder John Carmack, who is now chief technology officer at Oculus. 

“Minecraft is a game that you can both figuratively and literally lose yourself in,” Carmack said in a statement. “In fact, my strongest memories of being inside VR are from the time I’ve spent exploring Minecraft on Gear VR. Experiencing it in virtual reality changes it from an abstract activity to a visceral one — it goes from a sense of playing the game to one of being inside your world, and spinning around to find a creeper sneaking up on you leaves a powerful impression. Infinite worlds have been explored, shaped, and shared by millions of people, and now in VR; that sounds a bit like the fabled Metaverse.” 

Carmack is not just trumping up the latest release for the Gear VR, which is his primary responsibility at Oculus. He has invested a lot into getting Minecraft on his VR platform. In early 2015, he told developers at the first Oculus Connect conference that getting the game on Gear was his “quest.”

“I was willing to do just about anything,” he said at the time. “On the phone, I said that if this doesn’t happen, I’m going to cry. This will just be so terrible. This will be the best thing that we can do for the platform. But there are some problems that compilers can’t solve.” 

In the end, Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft chief Satya Nadella had to sit down to ensure they could make this Minecraft deal happen. I guess when a legendary designer like Carmack says he’ll cry, you try to make things happen. 

Corrected at 3 p.m. Pacific time: This story originally said that Oculus handled a significant portion of the development, but that is not accurate. I apologize for the error.

How To Backup Bluray/DVD to External WD

Goosebumps is a 2015 American 3D live-action/computer-animated fantasy horror comedy film based on the children's book series of the same name by R.L. Stine. Now, Goosebumps is available on Blu-ray/DVD discs. For those who missed the movie in theater, get Goosebumps Blu-ray/DVD discs to watch is a nice idea. To protect your Blu-ray/DVD discs, before playing the movie, I suggest you to backup your Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps to External 4TB WD My Book. 


If you were to buy an external desktop hard drive today, I recommend you the 4 TB WD My Book. After more than 40 hours of research and testing, we determined that the WD My Book is the best desktop hard drive for backing up data because of its reliability, fast speeds, and two-year warranty. So when you get the Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps and want to keep the discs safe, the most ideal way is to backup the Goosebumps on Blu-ray/DVD to External 4TB WD My Book. 

WD's Windows 8 app makes it easy to discover the Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps stored on your 4TB My Book drive with your Windows 8 computer. Your movie is automatically displayed and organized so you can easily locate and enjoy your Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps without using the physical discs again. 

How to Backup Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps to External 4TB WD My Book? 

When speaking of backing up Blu-ray/DVD, it must come to Blu-ray/DVD Ripper. After read several top Blu-ray/DVD Ripper reviews on top ten review site, we finally choose Pavtube BDMagic . 

This software can rip and backup copy & region protected Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps to External 4TB WD My Book with original video quality. It can convert Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps to External 4TB WD My Book in 3D MP4/MOV/WMV/AVI/MKV and 2D H.265, M3U8, MP4, MOV, MKV, 3GP, etc. To suitable for your screen, this program can adjust your movie aspect ratio in Blu-ray/DVD to WD MY Book conversion process. What’s more, A/V codec, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate and size can also be adjusted in this app. 

Free download and install: 

Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-ripper/ 
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-BDMagic/3000-7970_4-75922877.html 

Steps to Backup Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps to External 4TB WD My Book 

Step 1: Import Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps 

Click “File” > “Load from Disc” to load Goosebumps on Blu-ray/DVD to the app. You can choose your wanted subtitle/audio track in “Subtitle” and “Audio” under the chapter list. Or you can choose “Forced Subtitle”. 


Step 2: Choose format for WD My Book 

Simply, HD MP4 is suggested in “HD Video” because MP4 is supported by nearly all multimedia devices and media players, including iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, PS4, Quicktime, WMP, etc so that you can play your Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps movie on Windows or Mac via WD My Book. 


1. Click “Settings”, you can adjust A/V parameter of your original Blu-ray/DVD movies, bitrate, resolution, codec, frame rate, sample rate, etc. And you can preview the output video size in the chart. 

2. If your original Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps movie has black area and you want to crop it.Click “Video Editor” icon on the main interface to open video editing window, switch to “Crop” tab. Get rid of the black edges: simply move your mouse cursor to drag and adjust the green frame to desired position to remove the black bar. 


Step 3: Start to backup Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps to External 4TB WD My Book 

Go back to the main interface to initiate the final conversion process from Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps to External 4TB WD My Book by tapping the right-bottom “convert” icon. 

Gain peace of mind knowing that your Blu-ray/DVD Goosebumps movie is protected from unauthorized access with password protection and hardware encryption on External 4TB WD My Book. 

Goosebumps Plot Synopsis 

Upset about moving from the big city to a small town, young Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) finds a silver lining when he meets his beautiful neighbor Hannah (Odeya Rush). The teen is surprised to learn that Hannah's mysterious father is R.L. Stine (Jack Black), the famous author of the best-selling "Goosebumps" series. When Zach accidentally unleashes the monsters from the fantastic tales, it's up to Stine, his daughter and Cooper to return the beasts back to the books where they belong. 

Convert MKV/AVI/WMV/VOB Video on ASUS 
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Convert MKV/AVI/WMV/VOB Video on ASUS

A new ASUS 2 in 1 tablet has appeared, dubbed ASUS T302CA. When you have a tablet, you may want to watch movies on it. But the default media player on ASUS T302CA 2 in 1 Tablet won’t support any videos. So how to play some unsupported MKV/WVI/WMV/VOB/MTS/Tivo video on ASUS T302CA 2 without any hassle? 


To play any unsupported MKV/WVI/WMV/VOB/MTS/Tivo video on ASUS T302CA 2, you can install a powerful media player like VLC. If VLC still can’t play them, you can use a video converter like Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate to help you. It can re-encode MKV, Tivo, AVI, MP4, MOV, VOB, M2TS, VRO, AVCHD, Blu-ray,DVD etc video to ASUS T302CA 2 in 1 Tablet with excellent video quality. You can finish the conversion steps with only three clicks. And you can adjust video size, codec, resolution, frame rate and audio channel, sample rate, codec to get more fit in ASUS T302CA 2 in 1 Tablet.(review

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Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-video-converter-ultimate/ 
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How to convert MKV/WVI/WMV/VOB Video on ASUS T302CA 2 in 1 Tablet? 

Step 1: Add source video 

Insert your Blu-ray/DVD movie to disc drive, and click “Load from disc” button to load Blu-ray or DVD from ROM. For video file, click the “Add video” button, browse to computer hard drive and import video into this app. 


Step 2: Choose output format 

Navigate to “Format” > “HD Video” > “H.264 HD MP4”. 


Tip: You can check your specs of ASUS T302CA 2 in 1 Tablet and then adjust the A/V parameters. 

Step 3: Start the conversion 

Hit “Convert” to start to convert MKV/WVI/WMV/VOB Video on ASUS T302CA 2 in 1 Tablet. When the process ends, open output folder to locate the generated MP4 files for ASUS T302CA 2 in 1 Tablet. 

Now, you can put the converted videos to ASUS T302CA 2 in 1 Tablet. Then you can enjoy movies on it. 

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Dawn Of Justice Review - Copy Blu-ray/DVD version 

Dawn Of Justice Review - Copy Blu-ray/DVD version

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a 2016 American superhero film featuring the DC Comics characters Batman and Superman. It is the first live-action film to feature both Batman and Superman, as well as the first theatrical film to feature live-action portrayals of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash. 


The movie was very long, as long as TFA if I were to make a comparison. It didn’t drag though; every minute of the film was used effectively. 

Performances were all great. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex is way more complex than what the trailers show. By the end of the film, you will HATE him, but at the same time, you can’t help admire how capable this guy is. 

Ben Affleck as Bruce/Batman is definitely the standout performance. I was surprised/scared how different he became when he put the mask on. This Batman will come across as a villain to some viewers; he enjoys inflicting pain on criminals. There was a scene where he was branding a criminal, and he had the biggest smile on his face. I don’t know how fans will react to that, but I felt it worked with this version of the character. 

Everyone else was great too, even the new supporting characters played by Jena Malone and Scoot McNairy. Jena Malone plays a crippled Barbara Gordon. She doesn’t have much screentime, but she does make a Killing Joke reference about an amusement park incident involving her now retired father. Scoot is playing Jimmy Olsen who was injured during the events of Man of Steel. He does not blame Superman like the others, but supports him and views him as a hero. He has a popular blog about Superman. 

The third act was mindblowing. The Doomsday reveal in the trailer is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot of action, and I loved every moment of it. The first and second acts are the “Batman v Superman” parts of the movie, while the third act is entirely “Dawn of Justice.” You will see a fully assembled Justice League by the end of the film. 

All in all, BvS is the greatest comic book movie since The Dark Knight, and I think it deserves you to purchase its Blu-ray/DVD versions. 

Note: You may pre-order Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Blu-ray/DVD now on Amazon

How to Backup Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Blu-ray/DVD? 

For some Blu-ray/DVD collectors, they get used to backup their Blu-ray/DVD discs so that they can enjoy the movies without the worry about scratching the discs. Through creating copy of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Blu-ray/DVD, you can watch the movies on your iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPad Pro 9.7/12.9, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 3, Galaxy S7, Sony Xperia X, Surface Pro 4, etc even though these portable devices don’t have the Blu-ray/DVD drive. 

Pavtube ByteCopy for Windows/Mac can remove AACS and CSS in Blu-ray/DVD disc and other similar protections built-in discs to prevent straight-up copying. It can 1:1 backup Blu-ray/DVD with the same video structure and convert Blu-ray/DVD to H.265, M3U8, MKV, AVI, MP4, etc in original video quality. 

Besides, it also can allows users to adjust video/audio size, codec, frame rate, channel, etc and trim video footage/crop unwanted area in Blu-ray/DVD videos. You even can add external subtitle to Blu-ray/DVD movies and extract srt subtitle, FLAC, WMA, MP4 pure audio from Blu-ray/DVD movies.

With it, you can backup any your Blu-ray/DVD movies, like Spectre 007HannibalTomorrowland, Carol, Star WarsMad Max: Fury RoadThe Revenant, Brooklyn, The Big Short, Room, Spotlight, etc. 

Free download and install: 

Other Download: 
- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/bytecopy/ 
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-ByteCopy/3000-7970_4-76158512.html 

Steps to Backup Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Other Blu-ray/DVD movies 

Step 1: Load Blu-ray/DVD 

Launch ByteCopy, click "Load Disc" button to browse to disc drive for loading Disc-based The Revenant. If you are loading Blu-ray disc, you will need an external Blu-ray disc drive. You can keep forced subtitles in the below of the chapter list by tick "Forced Subtitle" 


Step 2: Choose output file format 

Click "Format" bar, from its drop-down option, select Plex acceptable format from "HD Video" > "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)" to output which is also supported by TV/Tablet/PC/iPad 


1. If you just want to digital your Blu-ray/DVD for more convenient organization and management, you also can choose to full disc copy Blu-ray/DVD or main title copy

2. If you want to add external srt subtitle to your Blu-ray/DVD movies, just open "Video Editor" window, click the "Subtitle" tab, then you can online downloaded external *.srt or *.ass/*.ssa subtitle-files to the video as hard subtitles. 


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Disney Movies Coming out in 2016 Shouldn't Miss

Disney had a big year in 2015 with two Pixar movies, "The Avengers" sequel, and the return of "Star Wars" to theaters, and 2016 is about to get even bigger. Now, let’s see the the movie list that Walt Disney Studios announced their release schedule for 2016. 


Moana (2016) 

A young woman uses her navigational talents to set sail for a fabled island. Joining her on the adventure is her hero, the legendary demi-god Maui. 
Director: Ron Clements, John Musker 
Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Alan Tudyk, Auli'i Cravalho 

Pete's Dragon (2016) 

The adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliott, who just so happens to be a dragon. 
Director: David Lowery 
Stars: Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Redford, Karl Urban, Wes Bentley 

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The BFG (2016)

A girl named Sophie encounters the Big Friendly Giant who, despite his intimidating appearance, turns out to be a kindhearted soul who is considered an outcast by the other giants because unlike his peers refuses to eat boys and girls.
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Mark Rylance, Rebecca Hall, Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement

Finding Dory (2016)

The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way.
Director: Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane
Stars: Idris Elba, Michael Sheen, Ellen DeGeneres, Kaitlin Olson

Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

Alice returns to the whimsical world of Wonderland and travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter.
Director: James Bobin
Stars: Johnny Depp, Sacha Baron Cohen, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter

The Jungle Book (2016)

An orphan boy is raised in the jungle with the help of a pack of wolves, a bear, and a black panther.
Director: Jon Favreau
Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Idris Elba, Bill Murray, Christopher Walken

Zootopia (2016)

In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy. (108 mins.)
Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, Jenny Slate

The Finest Hours (2016)

The Coast Guard makes a daring rescue attempt off the coast of Cape Cod after a pair of oil tankers are destroyed during a blizzard in 1952. (117 mins.)
Director: Craig Gillespie
Stars: Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Eric Bana

Doctor Strange (2016)

After his career is destroyed, a brilliant but arrogant and conceited surgeon gets a new lease on life when a sorcerer takes him under his wing and trains him to defend the world against evil.
Director: Scott Derrickson
Stars: Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Political interference in the Avengers' activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man. (146 mins.)
Director: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Stars: Tom Holland, Elizabeth Olsen, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans

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Netflix Movies/TV Shows To Watch on HD TV

Netflix offers roughly a gazillion different movies and TV shows available on HD TV. Since Netflix gives you a vast number of films, TV shows and documentaries to choose from, more often than not, you find yourself spending your entire evening shuffling through the selection trying to pick something to watch – before realising that you no longer have time to actually watch a film. 

To help you make a decision that which movie/TV show deserves you to watch, here, the article gathered the best Netflix Movies/TV Shows to watch on HD TV in 2016 to give you the best choice to kill your time.Jessica Jones

Marvel's Jessica Jones, or simply Jessica Jones, is an American web television series created for Netflix by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.Toy Story Trilogy

Toy Story is a CGI animated film series and Disney media franchise that began with the original 1995 film, Toy Story, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.Beasts of No Nation

As civil war rages in Africa, a fierce warlord (Idris Elba) trains a young orphan (Abraham Attah) to join his group of guerrilla soldiers.

No Country For Old Men

No Country for Old Men always felt like the most screen-adaptable of Cormac McCarthy’s novels, and with the Coen brothers at the helm it would have taken some kind of disaster to stop this movie from becoming an instant classic.And it is, thanks to not only the source material and its sympathetic treatment by two of America’s finest filmmakers, but due to strong performances from Josh Brolin, Kelly Macdonald, Tommy Lee Jones and, most memorably, Javier Bardem as a philosophising, seemingly unstoppable mass murderer. If you like your thrillers as contemplative and lyrical as they are nail-biting, look no further. Watch No Country for Old Men on Netflix


Netflix takes on the infamous MedellĂ­n drug cartel in "Narcos," which follows the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Drug Enforcement Agency agents hunting him. The story is told largely from the points of view of Escobar, played by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, and U.S. DEA Agent Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), on opposite sides of what would become an all-out war. The gritty drama begins with the early days of the drug battle, when the biggest offenders were "hippies in flip-flops" caught with up to a kilo of marijuana, continuing to the violent, bloody battles between members of the cartel peddling tons of kilos of cocaine and drug agents from Colombia, Mexico, and the U.S. -- a struggle estimated to have cost at least 4,000 lives over two decades. Watch Narcos on NetflixFIREFLYNathan Fillion heads a rag-tag crew of ne'er-do-wells as they struggle to stay one step ahead of the law – and keep their spaceship flying. In its 14-episode run, it doesn't put a foot wrong; witty scripts, tension, memorable characters – Firefly's got them all. The Fox network didn't think so, though, and axed the series before it got off the ground. Watch Firefly on Netflix

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It also can compress Netflix 4K video to 1080p, 720p if your portable device's screen doesn't support to play 4K video. Adjusting display aspect ratio is also supported to adjust video to adapt to your display. You can shrink video to a smaller size by decreasing video bitrate to put more Netflix movies/TV shows to your iPhone, Android phones/Tablet. To know more functions of Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, please read its review.

Note: Mac users should use iMedia Converter for Mac to conver Netflix Movies/TV shows on Mac OS X, including Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard.

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Free download and install iMedia Converter for Mac

Put Blu-ray Movies onto Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
How to Watch 3D Blu-ray on Samsung Galaxy via Gear VR
Watch 3D Blu-ray on VR via Oculus Cinema?
Can you use Oculus Rift with Mac? 

How To Put Blu-ray Movies onto Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

Samsung has officially launched the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The S7 Edge has a 5.5-inch (14cm) screen, while the S7 has a smaller 5.1-inch display, with both handsets boasting water resistant features that were missing on the S6 and S6 Edge. Beyond doubts, it will be a nice choice to kill the boring time during a long-haul flight by watching funny movies or TV shows with these excellent gadgets. What if we want to watch Blu-ray Movies on Samsung Galsxy S7/S7 Edge? 

Playing Blu-ray on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge may not be so easy to accomplish, But there are always work around to make it realized. After reading this post. It can help convert home-made and also commercial Blu-ray to play on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smoothly. Actually, you will need to use Blu-ray Ripper software, which can help you to rip Blu-ray to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge supported common videos like MP4, and then you can play Blu-ray movies on Galaxy S7/S7 Edge without any limitations.

To convert Blu-ray to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge supported video format, you will need to use Blu-ray ripper software, but it is not so easy to find an effective Blu-ray ripper program, here we want to recommend the best Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Blu-ray ripper for you - Pavtube BDMagic which can help you rip newly released Blu-rays to any video formats to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge as you need, besides it can also rip DVD and convert Blu-ray to any HD videos for you. Besides, it rips and converts 2D/3D Blu-ray movies to 180+ video/audio formats to play on popular devices like HTPC, iPhone,iPad, Apple TV, Galaxy, Zune, Creative Zen, Archos, iRiver, Blackberry, Xbox 360, Android tablet, Android phones etc. Read the review.

Note: If you are on Mac, turn to BDMagic for Mac for ripping Blu-ray to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge on Mac (El Capitan included).


Other Download:

- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-ripper/
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-BDMagic/3000-7970_4-75922877.html

How to Convert Blu-ray to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge with Playable Format

Step 1: Run the best Blu-ray to Galaxy Phone Converter and click “disc” button to import Blu-ray movies into the program. DVD discs, ISO and IFO files are also supported.

Tip: If you need to rip Blu-ray with wanted subtitles and audio track, you can click the drop down menu after “Subtitles” and “Audio” to select your desired tracks.

Step 2: Click “Format” bar, you can easily find the optimized videos for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge under “Samsung > Samsung Galaxy S III Video (*.mp4)”. The output videos could fit on your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge perfectly.

Tip: You can also click "Settings" to change the video encoder, frame rate, resolution, etc. Remember the file size and video quality is based more on bitrate than resolution which means bitrate higher results in big file size, and lower visible quality loss.

Step 3:Hit the “Convert” button at the bottom of the main interface to start the conversion. It will automatically convert Blu-ray to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge friendly video files. Once the conversion is finished, click “Open” to quickly find the converted movies. Then you can transfer converted files to Galaxy S7/S7 Edge for playback anytime anywhere. 

Watch 3D Blu-ray on VR via Oculus Cinema? 
How to Watch 3D Blu-ray on Samsung Galaxy via Gear VR 
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See A 3D Blu-ray movie on Samsung Galaxy via Gear VR

Samsung, one of the giants in the industry, is always surprising you with his gratifying products. In the past year, he made you experience brilliant immersive viewing through the matching of Note 4 and Gear VR. Although it needs an extra conversion process for watching 3D Blu-ray movies on Note 4 by Gear VR, it still appeals to amounts of fans. This year, Samsung surprises you again in the same way - Samsung Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 Edge. 


As you see, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge show a radical redesign into the flagship Galaxy S line, with lovely looks. Both of the two smartphone models possess a 3840x2160 Quad HD display and internal storage starting at 32 GB, which are good for storing and playing movies. So if you have any one of these, you would must want to make full use of the device to watching Blu-ray movies for HD enjoyment experience, especially 3D Blu-ray movies by Gear VR. Then the problem comes that Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge friendly video format just includes MP4, H.264, WMV, etc. Therefore, if you wish to watch 3D Blu-ray movies on Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge through Gear VR, you need to convert 3D Blu-ray to 3D MP4 / MKV first. 

Before you get the conversion process started, you should prepare: 

1. MicroSD Card with enough memory space. 
2. Blu-ray disc drive to load your Blu-ray movies onto your computer. If you have already copied your Blu-ray into a folder beforehand, the drive would be redundant. 
3. An user-friendly 3D Blu-ray to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Converter- Pavtube ByteCopy. It can transform 3D Blu-ray to 3D MP4/MKV for streaming on Galaxy S6/S6 Edge easily for green hands. Besides, 3D MKV/MP4, you are able to create video files that include more than one audio stream or extract subtitle to meet the requirements for more media players, mobile devices, etc. (More about ByteCopy.) 

Learn>>Watch 3D Blu-ray on Galaxy S6/S6 Edge via Gear VR 

Download the easy-to-use 3D Blu-ray to Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Converter here: 


When you prepared all above, just do as the following steps: 

Step 1: Load 3D Blu-ray movie 

Launch your 3D Blu-ray to Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Converter and click “file. There are some choices. Select “load from disc” or “ load from folder” depending on your 3D Blu-ray movie’s storage location. 

Step 2: Select the right format. 

Hit the format bar, navigate to “ 3D Video ” > “ MP4 Side-by-Side 3D Video (*.mp4)”. Of course, there are three different 3D effect (SBS, TB and Analyph, learn their difference.), you can choose any one of them. You even could rip 3D Blu-ray to 3D MKV.( How to Convert 3D Blu-ray to 3D MKV? ) 


Step 3: Get the conversion started 

Set the output folder by hitting “Output”. Then click the red “Convert” to get the process started. 

When the process finished, just click “Open” to locate the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge playable 3D MP4 videos and transfer them to your Galaxy S6/S6 Edge with ease. Then pair up Galaxy S6/S6 Edge with your Gear VR for 3D Blu-ray movies viewing. 

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